Review: Doomsday Clock #7

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Geoff Johns

Illustrator: Gary Frank

Colors: Brad Anderson



Doctor Manhattan recounts how he eliminated the first Green Lantern of Earth, Alan Scott from the DC Universe historical timeline. But now Rorschach is being instructed by Saturn Girl, that Alan Scott’s lantern might be able to locate Doctor Manhattan.

The Joker, Mime and the Marionette have the Comedian tied to a chair and are torturing him for information as to Doctor Manhattan whereabouts. But, before they can torture him further, Batman escapes his binds and takes on all three.

Before moments into the fight, Veidt and Rorschach interrupt. Using the lantern, they force Doctor Manhattan to reveal himself. Once revealed, Doctor Manhattan quickly separates the beings and takes the ones from his own universe to a special place where they can talk.  There Rorschach learns a dark secret about his own past.

Doomsday Clock 7 - Variant - DC Comics News


I can’t praise the artwork of Gary Frank enough, but month-by-month I begin to sound redundant. But to say he is the most underrated artist out there is an understatement.

We are halfway through this epic series and we now finally see Doctor Manhattan in the DC Universe. It is a great moment that brings so much possibility and potential to the remainder of the series. His own vision of Superman is particularly exciting.

But it isn’t just his visions that make this issue great. His recollection of how he prevented Alan Scott from becoming Green Lantern is perfect. It’s simple and exactly how Doctor Manhattan would do something like that. But it also makes me very excited at the possibility of that moment in time being set right. This version of the Alan Scott Green Lantern is a fantastic character that has always been one of my favorites. His elimination was one of the worst casualties of the New 52. Yes, the New 52 had its own version of Alan Scott, one that was not bad at all, but he just wasn’t this one. This one is a classic that goes back nearly as far back as DC Comics itself. His return would be a high mark for this series.

Rorschach’s revelation is something I have been looking forward to. Not only does this hint that maybe Reggie will eventually take on a new identity of his own, but it also opens the door for the original to make an appearance. To me this is an important piece that can determine the greatness and longevity of this story.

Doomsday Clock 7 - Cover - DC Comics News


I have nothing negative to say about the artwork or writing of this issue… at all. My only gripe has to do with the time between each issue. But each new issue proves the wait is worth it. Once this book comes out in a trade I have a feeling it will be consider one of the greatest graphic novels to come out in a long time.



This was a very powerful issue, which is understandable since it is now past the halfway point. The reader can expect things to really pick up from here and if this issue is a taste of that, then we have some great issues coming up. I can’t recommend this series enough.


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