Review: Scarlet #2

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Alex Maleev

Design: Curtis King Jr.

Letters: Joshua Reed



Scarlet has declared war against those who would abuse their power against innocent people—and that war has shut down the city of Portland and brought the eyes of the world upon her. But as the revolution grows, will it slip through her fingers? Oh, and the president is on the phone. It’s another blistering chapter of a world we may one day find ourselves in from the creators that brought you the Eisner Award-winning Daredevil and Iron Man.



Alex Maleev’s cover is great. I love the red silhouette of the title character. It’s a very cool image that stands out against a lot of other covers.

The interior is quite good as well. Maleev effectively conveys this broken world. As a reader, you understand everything you need to know about the world just by looking at it. His art tells a story on its own.


I’m having a really hard caring about anything that’s going on. Scarlet is not a character I can empathize with yet. She comes across as a jerk. Everything she says are these generic diatribes against “the man” and I don’t really know what she wants. There’s clearly a corrupt government that she’s rebelling against but, again, that’s pretty generic. I need to be inside her head more. Right now, she’s a hard character to reach and it’s making this very difficult to read.



This series is two issues in and I feel like I don’t know anything. Scarlet really isn’t coming alive as a main character; she’s obnoxious and rude. That’s the only take I have on her right now which makes the issue really boring. The art is good which does help but not enough.



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