Gotham is coming to an end on Fox but the show is going out with a bang…and a Batman.

Fans whom attended the panel for Gotham at New York Comic-Con was treated to a number of details concerning the fifth and final season of the Fox show.  Set a whole decade in the future, fans will get the arrival of the Batman to close out the series and the return of many of the series memorable villains including Zsasz, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange and Penguin.  Season five will also bring in the most physically dangerous villain Batman has ever faced, Bane.

Bane will be played by Shane West and will no doubt bring the show to a violent end, until Bruce arrives in his cape and cowl that is.  There has been plenty of speculation that Shane West would be playing Bane and news came today that he will in-fact play the venom filled assassin.

The only news not shared at New York Comic-Con is the debut date for the final season of Gotham but the fans did get nice sizzle reel on Sunday…enjoy!

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