Review: Suicide Squad #46

by Christian Ruiz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Phillipe Briones

Colors: Gabe Eltaeb

Letters: Pat Brosseau



While the rest of the Suicide Squad is busy with their undersea exploits in Atlantis, Amanda Waller ships Captain Boomerang down under on a mission to save his home country! Someone’s planted nukes all across Australia, and it’s up to Boomerang to hunt them down with an old friend from the Australian Secret Service. It’s one last mission as Captain Boomerang: Agent of Oz, and he’s got a license to give a bloke a right kicking!


What a topsy-turvy issue! It was fun to see Captain Boomerang in a new light, a serious super spy that works for the government and is the only one that can save Australia form a massive threat. The sort of B-Lister of the team needed his own issue to stretch out and grow as a character and that’s what this issue attempted to do. All of the Australian quips were funny and mentioned the likes of Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Chris Hemsworth, it was a nice little nod as all the actors have at one time or another been in a comic book film.


Well, that was not fun at all. The whole issue felt so far away from what we have been doing with Atlantis and the rest of the squad which already had a story of lacking most of the main team so to bring Boomerang back nut not include him in the squad just felt so out of place. Having him be a government agent could’ve been pulled off better as Waller is notorious for being the be all end all of secrets but supposedly not this one, it made her look pretty dumb and not the force to be reckoned with we know she is. That final twist at the end felt so shoe horned in and forced to be a big shock but really it was little more than sigh of boredom.



Issues like this one feel more like fuller than anything else. It gives the audience the idea that the writer has not decided how to finish the current story so why not pop this in while we think of something its extremely drool and boring for the average reader that has been following along.


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