In Time for Halloween JUSTICE LEAGUE Pumpkin Stencils

by JC Alvarez
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The League will Light Up the Way! Ward off the legions of gloom this Halloween with these heroically styled pumpkin stencils that are easy and fun to do!

It would seem that everyone is getting into the holiday spirit so why not give your great pumpkin Halloween decoration a super-powered alter ego with these FREE printable Pumpkin Stencils! Sure some jokers would be happy just carving a wide-eyed grin into the side of the smooth orange facade, but why not shine a beacon of hope, ward off evildoers and ghostly demons with either Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Aquaman glowing brightly for everyone to see!

It’s the perfect highlight to any “Hall of Justice” inspired Halloween event, these beautifully styled pieces will undoubtedly draw attention decorating your front porch, and can be downloaded for free here courtesy of Costume Super Center — all you have to do is print the stencil, tape it to the pumpkin and safely carve away. Finish it off with the proper illumination from inside, either a traditional candle or a battery powered light source to spread truth, justice all through the Halloween season! Perfect for outside or inside decoration.

Superman Stencil
Aquaman Stencil
Wonder Woman Stencil
Batman Stencil

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