Review: Border Town #3

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel

Artist: Ramon Villalobos

Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

Letters: Deron Bennett



There is so much crazy stuff going on this month in Devil’s Fork that I don’t even know where to begin. We learn the history of the Aztecs in general and the American Southwest specifically. News flash, nothing is what it seems and there is a lot of blood and sacrifice.  Once we catch up to the present, we see our band of unlikely heroes holding off some pretty nasty critters who are trying to get catch and kill their new pal. We finally understand why the big uglies look different all the time. More on that below. Seriously, there is not much more to say without giving anything away. Just know, things are totally nuts and the last page is a stomach turner.


What is the thing you hate and fear most? For me, its clowns followed closely by alligators. If I were in Devil’s Fork and I ran across some of the demon monsters from another dimension I would see the dudes from ICP walking overgrown Alligators. I would run. I might crumble sobbing to the ground. It would be bad. Now imagine what a racist, sexist, homophobe might see? Why is this listed in the positive section you ask? Well, satire works when it tells the truth and the truth hurts. This team had loaded up truth cannons and is firing away. Well done team.

Again, the art. The art. The art. What is going on in Vilalobos’ head? There is a really uncomfortable scene with Aimi and the principal. Vilalobos takes us right into the room. It feels like we are watching a movie. Then, just when we are totally engaged and repulsed…Nope, Not going to spoil it, but be prepared for some extreme closeups. Finally, There is that last page. What!? You had to draw that man. Damn. Wow. I pour all the praise upon you sir.


This issue is the strongest so far. The writing it tight. The art is totally on point. I can not find a weakness here. I looked. I tried. Sorry. Nothing to report. I suppose if you are not interested in dark comedy and social commentary wrapped up in a multi-dimensional desert town then you might have a lot of bad things to say. I am not that person.



This is not for the faint of heart. I mean, nothing from Vertigo is, but this book pulls no punches. There is an agenda here and it is on full display. I am not sure what the end game is here. I don’t know if they plan for a long running series or if they have a way to wrap this up for us in a year or so in a way that makes us feel confused and amazed much like the brilliant Unfollow from a few years back. As long as this team is in control of the book, I will be excited for what comes next.



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