Review: Black Lightning – 2×05 Requiem

by Brad Filicky
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Michael Schultz

Writer: Tony Isabella

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvon Jones, James Remar



I know we put a spoiler warning at the beginning of these reviews, but seriously people.. if you don’t want spoilers stop reading now. It’s a doozy. Tonight on Black Lighting we said goodbye to Gambi. Yes he was a major character and yes he will be missed. Jefferson dealt with the states to grief as a hero might. Jennifer took the news in a mature way, showing that all that therapy might be having a positive effect. Lynn And Dr. Jace continued their conflict. Lynn really wanted to save every life in those pods and Jace took that a way from her. Anissa continues her pattern of girlfriend drama. She’s going to have to make a choice.



Expanding the shoe’s reach into South Freeland does open up possibilities for new storytelling.. enemies and friends and such.

It’s hard to say goodbye to Gambi. He was a good character. As a plot device thought it is pretty powerful. It shows that Black Lightning is TV with consequences. And it gives great opportunity to demonstrate how characters have grown.. Which brings me to the next positive..

It’s good to see that therapy is really working for Jen. characters in hour long drama’s need to show growth in real ways because few things are worse than a TV show spinning it’s wheels.



Gambi!!!!! No!!! Ok he may not have been a really person but losing him was quite a blow.

The Anissa story line is dragging. I still have faith though, that this will pick up in the following weeks.



It was a real gut punch losing Gambi. But man did seeing how characters react reveal just how real these characters can be. The writing was emotional and human and the performances riddled with authenticity. The direction was taunt and eloquent. Network shows often struggle because their palate is so reduced by what they can show, but the latest episode of Black Lightning doesn’t seem limited by those restraints. So far this season is as good as the first and it feels like it still just getting started.



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