Review: Titans #30

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Pencils: Minkyu Jung

Inks: John Dell, Scott Hanna

Colors: Adriano Lucas, Hi-Fi

Letters: Dave Sharpe



With the Titans still marooned on a deserted planet, their options to escape are starting to get slim. Beast Boy is still raging out of control, and their only means of getting a distress signal out into space has been destroyed. What will the team do now? And just what secrets will come out during this time of being stranded?


Finally Donna Troy steps up in this issue and I loved it! Ever since the incident involving Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, the team has sorely needed someone to step up and lead. I was hoping from the very beginning it would be her and she does a great job–although it comes midway through the book! However better late than never! She reminds the team of what Nightwing once told her about why she would be so valuable to this new team of Titans and just how much potential this new team has. I also loved the fight between Beast Boy and Miss Martian! Although brief, it shows both of them at full raw power but also gives an emotional moment to the story as well. Once the two calm down and resume their normal looks, they have a moment where they realize they have more in common than they originally thought. Miss Martian’s reveal of being a white martian wasn’t as bad as she initially thought, and Donna Troy once again steps up and comforts Miss Martian and reassures her that the team will always support her.


My only complaint about this issue is the mentioning of the death of Roy Harper. During Donna’s emotional speech to the team, she reveals that she kept Roy’s death hidden. I thought there would be some moment of anger from the team, or at least a moment of grief–but instead they only ask why weren’t they told and that’s all. I’m hoping that this reveal isn’t overlooked completely in the next issue and someone confronts Donna about keeping the secret. Also I hope that Donna at least shows the Titan’s Roy’s grave as well so the team can mourn as a whole.


Overall I enjoyed Titans #30 and I’m glad that Donna has finally stepped up to lead this team. She truly deserves it and I hope she does well. I saw a hint of Wonder Woman in her with this issue and that is definitely a compliment. I’m eager to see how Kyle Rayner plays a role in our next issue as apparently he shows up to get our heroes off planet! I’m definitely hoping for a Green Lantern and Titans team up in the next issue!


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