Review: Green Arrow #47

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Julie Benson & Shawna Benson

Artist: German Peralta

Colors: John Kalisz

Letters: Deron Bennett


Oliver Queen is in for the shock of his life—in the electric chair! The vigilante Citizen kidnaps Oliver and subjects him to the court of public opinion on a worldwide broadcast, and a guilty verdict means a death sentence. It’s up to Black Canary and attorney Kate Spencer to rescue Ollie so he can expose Citizen’s true identity and prove his own innocence. And they might even have a chance with a little help from Green Arrow…what the what now?


Alex Maleev’s cover is pretty cool. I like the texture and style of it a lot. It’s a great cover.

The interior art is quite good as well. The coloring is excellent; I love the style and tone Kalisz’s work brings. There is a gorgeous panel with Black Canary in the Green Arrow outfit that I adore. It’s really great work throughout.

I love this story as commentary on social media and the mob mentality people tend to have. It’s an interesting exaggeration and I think it was brilliant to use Green Arrow to tell this story. Citizen is a perfect foil for Ollie and that is concluded well here.


While I like the themes, the issue goes too far in spelling it all out. Towards the end, there’s a lot of dialogue from Oliver focusing on explaining the meaning of the story. It feels unnecessary to me.


I have really enjoyed this story and this is a strong conclusion. I do think the dialogue is a little on the nose toward the end but that’s my only issue. This is a really fun read with some great art.

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