Review: Titans 1×09 – “Hank and Dawn”

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Akiva Goldsman

Writers: Geoff Johns

Starring: Alan Ritchson, Minka Kelly, Brenton Thwaites, Teagon Croft, Anna Diop and Ryan Potter


As Hank continues waiting in the hospital for Dawn to wake up, he remembers his past.  He was always close to his younger brother Don whom always looked up to Hank like he was a hero.  A key moment in their past reveals that something happened with Hank’s football coach when they were just kids that changed Don and Hank’s lives forever.

Later, Hank would be a football star in college. But numerous hits led to Hank having a severe concussion. This, in turn, led to Hank and Don to fighting and getting expelled.

Being the loving brother that he is, Don knew getting expelled was the better choice for Hank. Don knew if Hank stayed in school, he would continue playing football despite the concussion.  But Don also realized that Hank needed an outlet. Together, they decided to fight crime as Hawk and Dove. Given their backgrounds, they chose to start with pedophiles. Pedophiles would also pose less a threat physically than a football player.

Later, a chance meeting would have Hank meet Dawn and at the same time, Dawn’s mother and Hank’s brother, Don, would be killed.

Due to their loss, Hank and Dawn soon saw their relationship getting closer and closer. Eventually, Dawn found out about Hank’s past as Hawk as well as his past with the football coach. She helps him confront that past.

Titans Episode 9 - DC Comics News


It was a great episode for learning more about Hank and Dawn, their relationship and their motivations. We get a chance to really meet the characters and find out who they are. Hank has a dark past but has always stayed focused on his sports and his brother. He loves his brother Don, who is not just his brother, but his best friend.

Don was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure if they would ever delve into Hank’s brother Don, since they immediately went with Dawn. But leave it to Geoff Johns to make sure we get DC’s rich history and not just what is current in the comics.

 Titans Episode 9_2 - DC Comics News


I understand the quick turnaround on television scripts and the need to get to the point quickly while giving action, but I have always had a problem with a poorly explained fight scene.

Don and Hank get in a fight with other kids in the library. It’s a fitting locale because that is exactly where Hank would find Don. However,  jumping from an argument to a huge fight seemed silly and forced. To make matters worse, when they are about to get expelled, it is due to Hank starting the fight. But legally the man that put his hand on Hank started the fight. If they wanted to show how hot-headed Hank is, then show him start it. Instead he was defending himself. And when the other kids jumped in, it was him continuing to defend himself.

Titans Episode 9_3 - DC Comics News


This is another filler episode, but it gives us more of the background to two of the best characters on the show. I look forward to getting back onto the main story, but this was an interesting side story, nonetheless.

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