Review: Titans #32

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Clayton Henry

Colors: Marcelo Maiolo

Letters: Dave Sharpe



The origin of Brother Blood–head of the Blood Cult is revealed here! Also the story of the rise of the new leader of the Blood Cult–Mother Blood’s story is told as well! As the Blood Cult prepares to invade Unearth in an attempt to rule the multiverse, the Titans come to Unearth as well to stop them! But was the Titans plan to come to Unearth their own decision? Or did someone manipulate them for another purpose?


At long last we finally get an origin story that involves the Blood Cult! Here we start with Brother Blood, who leads his followers in a belief of something called “The Red”. It seems that The Red is what ties the entire multiverse together. Brother Blood believes that through The Red, he and his followers will be able to control reality itself–that ability to twist it at their will. Abnett tells this story through the eyes of a young girl–a recent disciple who’s known nothing but escape and torment all of her life. Through her eyes we see Brother Blood’s true deception– and she sees it herself. Feeling frustrated with his leadership, but attempting to remain true to it’s purpose she sets out to find The Red on her own–and she does. Feeling the power of the source wall, this unknown girl is transformed into something else entirely. Embracing the power coursing throughout her body she now calls herself Mother Blood!



If you’re looking for an appearance of the Titans in this issue, you won’t find it hardly. This issue is almost entirely about the history of Brother Blood and Mother Blood, which is completely fine. Abnett tells the story of both characters brilliantly and you find out that Mother Blood has more intentions than just being the head of a cult. A couple of issues ago Beast Boy was controlled by The Red, and during that time Beast Boy told the Titans about Mother Blood’s plan to invade Unearth and to rule the multiverse! Under Donna Troy’s leadership the Titans have gone to Unearth–but it’s Mother Blood who’s been pulling the strings the entire time.



Overall this book was a decent read, I didn’t know much about the Blood Cult, so it’s good to be able to read a somewhat origin story about them. I know Abnett didn’t give us much Titans in this issue, but that’s because he’s saving it all up for the next one I’m sure! Also don’t forget that Raven’s soul self is still trapped in Unearth as well, meaning that a rescue mission will be underway along with the confrontation with the cult! Can’t wait to read the next issue!



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