Giving Back To The Library: A Charity Campaign – Recording Artist Professor Elemental Seeks Help From Comics Fans

by Steve J. Ray
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Dear readers, this article is a little different from most, as we’re asking for help.

International recording artist and comics fan Professor Elemental is launching an appeal to help local libraries in the U.K. The Chap-Hop Champion and time travelling Steam-Punk Superstar is looking for volunteers to send comics and graphic novels to help replenish stocks that were stolen by a shameless bunch of thieves. Yes, sadly you read that correctly. Public libraries have had their entire stock of comics and graphic novels, which people can read for free, stolen!

If you’re a reader based in the United Kingdom, can you help? Do you have any graphic novels in good condition that you can donate? Do you have any friends or family members that might? Do you have contacts with comics publishers that could help our noble cause?

Professor Elemental and DC Comics News need you!

A Letter From The Professor:

Hello chaps,

This is a different sort of note to the usual monthly ramble about new albums and my latest ape flavoured brand of Professor Elemental cologne… this message is about something actually important.

Libraries in the U.K. are really struggling at the moment –  and when I went to my library recently and found out that someone had stolen all of their comics and graphic novels I was most upset.

Instead of wailing in the library (although I did that too), I thought I’d do something positive. Check out the video above, but basically I am trying to replenish their stocks through charity donations:

If you have any spare graphic novels or trade paperbacks, send them to:

Professor Elemental, 69 Ship Street, Brighton, United Kingdom BN1 1AE

If you don’t, panic not! Please do share our little video or circulate this article.

If you have any questions, ideas or places/sites/ organisations you think I should contact, please do drop me a line.

It’s a modest campaign, but if you are a nerd, or even just a reader- then you can appreciate the importance and influence that a well stocked library can make to someone’s life. Together, we can make something nice happen.

Can You Help?

Don’t let the baddies win! If you can help please send the books to the address above, or feel free to contact the Professor or Dark Knight News directly. You can reply in the comments below, or email us at:

[email protected]

Thank you all!

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