Review: Pearl #6

by Ari Bard
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos

Letters: Joshua Reed

Design: Curtis King Jr.



Its about time we got some answers about Pearl, her family, and her past.  You know about the tattoos, but now learn about how she became a hired gun for Mr. Miike!  Plus, Pearl’s confrontation with Mr. Miike and the Endo Twins comes to a thrilling conclusion.  All of this and more in an exciting new issue of Pearl!


Pearl #6 continues the in-depth character study on Pearl, this time bringing in her family history and relationship with the Yakuza.  The issue continues to be masterful at conveying extremely precise emotions through a visual and written narrative.  The first scene is laid out in a very mundane fashion.  The panels are repetitive and the colors shades of beige and grey to convey the ordinary and relatable nature of this date.  Unfortunately, the mundanity and awkwardness quickly give way to something all too familiar in today’s age: pressure to do something one is uncomfortable with.  It is all presented through the windshield of the car.  The reader is on the date with them, and thus feels the same pressure, the same discomfort, and the same shock at how Pearl handles the situations.  This scene is a small journey that the reader is permitted to go on along with the characters and represents a fascinating insight into the beginnings of the Pearl that we know.

The confrontation scene that follows is also portrayed through with just as much intention and impeccable detail.  It begins on a page that is loud an aggressive, just like the confrontation itself.  Joshua Reed’s large lettering does a great job showing the importance of this scene.  Despite appearing to be a very heated confrontation, none of the parties involved really viewed it that way.  Most of the scene is either captured through the eyes of Mr. Miike or through the eyes of Rumor Endo.  Mr. Miike’s perspective is done in the same manner as the last scene, because to someone in Mr. Miike’s position, the Endo twins are non-threatening, and boring.  Rumor is literally wearing rose tinted lenses, and the panels through her eyes are actually tinted pink because the M.O. of the Endo Twins is relaxed, nonchalant, and with a belief that everything will work itself out.  The entire issue also focuses heavily on close-up portrayals of people’s faces because that’s where truth, vulnerability, and the soul all lie.

The issue continues along this vein and remains excellent through all 25 pages.  A lot of answers are given to questions many of us may have had about Pearl since issue #1, whether it be about her parents, or about her future.  There are amazing visuals throughout the course of the book and it wraps up with an ending that does not look optimistic for our two young lovers.  This is a sixth issue that perfectly completes the first arc while leaving readers excited for more.


I have no negatives for this issue.  It does everything it needed to do and more to the best of its ability.



Pearl #6 is a thrilling and rewarding conclusion to the first arc of a fantastic story of young love and organized crime told through brilliant writing and breathtaking visuals.


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