Review: Justice League Giant #7

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art: Tom Derenick & Trevor Scott

Colors: Alex Sinclair

Letters: Travis Lanham



Wonder Woman has set off on her own in order to find Steve Trevor and his comrades. What she doesn’t know is that around a campfire, Steve and friends are being attacked by giant insects.  Diana arrives in time to help fend off the insects, but not before one of Steve’s buddies dies in the attack.  Diana is subsequently snatched up by one of the insects and abducted.

Meanwhile, Jonah Hex is leading Etta Candy and the mysterious alien princess into the jungle to find Diana.  Diana is able to break free of the insect, but her failing powers result in a broken ankle.  Etta and Jonah find her first, with Steve not far behind.  It’s just in time for the group to come face to face with their next challenge- the Cheetah!



A fair amount happens in this chapter to make it feel like the story is progressing.  Diana’s power problem poses a particular predicament for the Paladin of Paradise Island, adding an extra layer to the challenge.  There are a lot of questions to be answered about this island and the arrival of the Cheetah is the most recent.  This makes it seem like someone or something is targeting Diana, whereas the other oddities have seemed to be random.  This raises the stakes a bit for Diana.

“The New 52” Justice League, Aquaman and The Flash seventh issues flesh out the remainder of the book.


This chapter feels slightly rushed.  Despite wanting to keep the plot moving, this storyline is in need  of a little more character.  It’s around the edges, but this chapter packed a little too much in.  Also, the most interesting aspect of last issue, the alien princess, barely gets any page time.


This is a solid installment of the Wonder Woman serial.  It may not be as good as some of the previous chapters, but it remains an entertaining and intriguing story with a heightened sense of import as the Cheetah arrives.  Next month, this serial continues in the new Wonder Woman Giant #1, “The New 52” reprints of Justice League and Aquaman will be joined by a pre-Flashpoint Wonder Woman reprint   Follow the Flash reprints into his own The Flash Giant, also available next month.


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