Aquaman Co-Writer Johnson-McGoldrick Will Write Sequel

by Joseph Marcas
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One of the co-writers from the original Aquaman movie, David Leslie Johnson-Goldrick, has been attached to the production of Aquaman 2 (working title). As of now, he will pen the script for movie that is being produced by Aquaman director James Wan and producer Peter Safran.

For those unfamiliar with the work of Johnson-McGoldrick, his work includes the screenplays for Orphan, Red Riding Hood, Wrath Of The Titans, The Conjuring 2, and will also be working on that movies sequel The Conjuring 3.

It should be no surprise to readers that ever since Aquaman passed the worldwide benchmark of making over one billion dollars at the box office, that a sequel would be announced. As of now it sits as 21st biggest box office grosser of all time.

As for the production team currently attached, the aforementioned James Wan has yet to reveal if he will direct the sequel or not. Depending on how the script turns out, it is very likely that Wan will make his decision after reading it.

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