Review: Hawkman #9

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Pencils: Bryan Hitch

Inkers: Andrew Currie & Andy Owens

Colors: Jeremiah Skipper



Wanting answers fast, Carter Hall bursts into Madame Xanadu’s place in London. She can immediately tell how anxious he is and tries to calm him down to get the full story of what he needs.

He explains to her the experiences he has been having each time he slips across time and space. But before they can figure things out together, another man barges into her office, screaming for help.

They look outside to see what the man was running from and realize Hall’s worst nightmare just came true. The Deathbringers have arrived on Earth and are trying to locate Hawkman.

Before any innocent civilians are hurt, Hall takes the fight to them as Hawkman, where he quickly discovers that his old friend Idamm is now commanding the Deathbringers.

Hawkman 9_1 - DC Comics News


Issue #8 was the calm before the storm and now the storm is here with issue #9! What an exciting and fast-paced issue! This is the moment the series has been building to since the beginning: the arrival of the Deathbringers. Not only do we get a clear view of the Deathbringers, but Hitch gives us a beautiful two-age spread for their big reveal.

Within just a few pages, Venditti manages to take the large-scale danger and epic scope of the Deathbringers and mix it seamlessly with the personal and more intimate arc of Hawkman and Idamm. I believe Venditti has successfully given Hawkman an arch-enemy much more interesting and more threatening than Shadow Thief. Idamm has the potential to be Hawkman’s Lex Luthor or Sinestro.

During the invasion, Venditti shows us the type of man Hawkman is when he confronts the Deathbringers. Without hesitation Hawkman charges in to face them and protect London. He even valiantly offers himself to Idamm save everyone.

It is an action-packed issue, but it speaks volumes about Hawkman’s character.

 Hawkman 9_2 - DC Comics News


The only negative I can say about this issue is that it was too short. It was a great issue that took the story to the next level. It just ended too soon.

 Hawkman 9_3 - DC Comics News


Slowing down the pace last issue before kicking it into overdrive for this issue really worked well. This was superb issue in an altogether amazing series. I’m curious how Venditti will wrap up this arc, and I’m extremely anxious for the next issue.

I’ve said it in practically every review for this series, but this is the best ongoing book on the shelves right now. If you aren’t reading it yet, I highly recommend it.


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