Review: Suicide Squad Black Files #5

by Christian Ruiz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Jai Nitz, Mike Barr
Artists: Philippe Briones, Wayne Faucher, Scot Eaton


Katana’s spirit is still trapped in the body of the evil Eve — and now she must combat the schemes of Kobra with the Suicide Squad and Halo in hot pursuit! But will Halo recognize the real Katana in time? Plus, back from the dead and behind the eight ball, the magic users of Suicide Squad Black return to Earth, and the situation is worse than ever before. Sebastian Faust is on the cusp of eliminating all magic and has possessed Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc to do his bidding. Waller has to pull out all the stops to save the world and avoid losing both her teams. Not everyone will make it out alive.


Perhaps the most intimate thing a person poses is their body. Eve committed a horrible act when she slept with Kobra using Katanna’s body, the most private thing a person owns. The issue brings up many questions concerning intimacy during the freaky friday scenario and seemed to be the most though provoking and entertaining aspect of Katanna;s story for this issue. Halo’s inquisitive nature was also a great plot point that gave new wings to a character we rarely ever get much character development.  The latter story had a great line up of magical characters who may pay off later down the line.


While the line up of El Diablo, Klarion, Juniper, Azucar, Wither, Tiamat, and Sebastian Faust are a strong and interesting line up we got little in the way of action and more of a building story arc than anything else. The issue is forgettable in terms of both stories and offers no real captivating grip for the readers that tuned in.


All stories need to build, not every story can be amazing or action packed to the brim, but when comics are bland and forgettable they offer no redeeming factor that sticks in the readers mind making them excited for the next issue  to come, again I regrettably close my review with the same line I have uttered four other times, the wrong Suicide Squad got canceled.

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