Original ‘Swamp Thing’ Star Joining New Series?

by Kevin Sharp
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Once upon a time (back in 1982), actress Adrienne Barbeau appeared in writer-director Wes Craven’s original Swamp Thing movie as Alice Cable.

swamp thing series dc comics news

Now it looks like Barbeau may be headed for a reunion with her old green friend in the upcoming DCU streaming series. The actress tweeted last week:

swamp thing series dc comics news

Series executive producer James Wan then confirmed the news via his own tweet:

swamp thing series dc comics news

The plot twist here is that Barbeau’s original tweet has since vanished. We have to assume she’s still on board — especially given the Wan response — but can only speculate as to the why. Maybe not all the details of her deal or appearance had been finalized? Maybe the official announcement was supposed to happen at a later date?

Swamp Thing debuts May 10.

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