It seems as if Warner Bros is not yet finished with movies that contain teams that strive for Justice and have Justice in their name.  No, still no plans on a sequel to Justice League, but a movie centered around the Justice Society of America.

The studio has begun talks to bring the Justice Society of America to the big screen.  The JSA began as a union of heroes from the Golden Age of Comics in the late 1940s and has continued into the modern age with various rosters.  Recently, the roster has included the likes of Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Sandman, Doctor Fate and Spectre.  Hawkman and Doctor Fate have been tapped for solo films of their own inside the DCEU.

According to sources, the beginning of the JSA will come during the solo film for DC anti-hero and Shazam rival, Black Adam starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The JSA has been featured before on DCTV with appearances on Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow.  JSA member, Stargirl, is also getting her own series on the DC Universe streaming service and the show will include other members of the JSA.

With films from Black Adam, Hawkman and Doctor Fate in the works and now a Justice Society of America film being discussed it appears that Warner Bros and DC are straying from their “usual” heroes and making its more “obscure” characters the cornerstones of their film universe.

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