Arkham Knight Arrives in ‘Detective Comics’ #1000

Arkham Knight dc comics news

This week’s Detective Comics #1000 will introduce a new character to Batman’s comic book world: Arkham Knight. The story “Medieval,” by Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke, brings the villain — originally created for the Batman: Arkham Knight video game — into official DC continuity.

Tomasi and Mahnke spoke with THR about the character and the story. Regarding the Knight’s perspective of who’s the “good guy” and who’s the “bad guy,” Tomasi said,

“In Arkham Knight’s eyes, Batman is just a dark black hole over Gotham, and continues to suck the life energy out of it. So it all stems from really examining Arkham Knight, and what this new character is all about, and making sure it played a central part in the origin. In the origin of the Arkham Knight, Batman is most definitely a villain.”

detective 1000 dc comics news

On why the timing was right to introduce Arkham Knight to comics, the writer added,

“We were just trying to figure out what could shake up Batman’s rogues gallery and at this point in time so we just started looking at things and I had written a lot of Arkham Knight — I had written a lot of chapters of the comic book prologue leading up to the recent game and, kind of really enjoyed writing the character… We double checked with the guys behind the video game and they were hyped up with this version of the character.”

You can read the whole interview HERE.

Detective #1000 arrives March 27.

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