Review: Batman #66

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Pencils: Jorge Fornes


Interviewed by The Question in an interrogation room, Catwoman slowly tells us about how she first met Batman! But why is she here, and just why exactly is The Question interrogating her? Where is Batman? As we find answers to our questions, things seem to get worse for Batman. 


For a lot of our story to happen in a single room, Tom King gives us a lot of drama to work with. It’s only The Question and Catwoman in this room, and he’s asking her question after question about her relationship with Batman. Catwoman isn’t shy or discreet in her description about her relationship with the Dark Knight, from when they first met, to even their first kiss. However this love story takes a turn for the worse as The Question begins to ask Catwoman why she ever left Batman to begin with? If the bond and the love between them was so strong and intense then why abandon Batman to begin with?


If there’s any negative about this book, then maybe the only flaw is that everything occurs in that interrogation room! However as I said before, the drama that King gives us in that room is intense and makes up for it. The Question’s shocking revelation at the end makes it that much better too!


Overall Batman #66 was a enjoyable read. Although there isn’t much action throughout the book, the dialogue between Catwoman and The Question more than enough makes up for it. It seems that Batman’s enemies are still playing mind games with the Dark Knight and its not even close to being concluded!



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