Review: Naomi #3

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker

Artist: Jamal Campbell

Letters: Wes Abbott


The most startling and intriguing mystery in the DC Universe continues as Naomi searches to uncover the secrets of her own origin. Dee, the oversized hulking mechanic, faces a lot of questions from Naomi as she is seeking to both uncover her own beginnings, but to also scratch that itch that there has to be more in store for her than just her life now.  Dee’s not budging on much as he reveals his own beginnings, and his lost love.  But at a pivotal juncture, Naomi’s parents show up.  Naomi sees a side of her Mom and Dad she has never seen.  What we think is not what is revealed, and what is revealed is not what we expect.  Hang on to your capes….We are on a ride with Naomi!


The art work is amazing!  Jamal Campbell’s pencils are awesome, and his work on this book is what makes Naomi comes alive.  Each frame of the comic is perfect and there are no shortcuts in his drawing!  What a great job DC has done in providing both a character that is perfect for this time, but also to dedicate an expert artist and writer to tell her story!

Bendis gives us more of a story of our new favorite mechanic, Dee, as we get a solid backstory about him, and he learn of lost love.  But Bendis also scrambles the dominoes a bit as we expect to get one story and it gets sewn up, but that is not typical Bendis.  He has found his niche with Naomi taking us down an expected path, but he really sets us up with more questions about Naomi’s past in this issue.  Isn’t that what we wanted anyway?

Naomi is worth the wait as we find out her origin and her “calling”.  She’s trying to scratch that itch that cannot be defined.  And as a father of an adopted daughter, I think this is a story worth telling!  Kudos for Bendis for telling it, but more importantly for DC in getting the right artist in Campbell to turn his words into iconic pictures!



In past reviews, I have described Bendis’ work as a crock pot cooking.  You smell the story, but your hunger is not satisfied!  You keep wanting more.  Bendis did take us down one route with Dee, but we did not get any satisfaction for Naomi.  And we are left with more questions than answers, but that is a good sign for an issue #3.  I just wanted more…. and isn’t that what keeps us coming back!



I’m in and you should be too!  It’s early!  Pick up #1, #2  and #3 now.  Issue #3 is going to be underestimated as that is the turning point as you get light shed on her adoptive parents.  You thought Bendis was going to swerve around the curves, but he literally takes us down a new road!  Pick up #3!  You will not be sorry!


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