Deathstroke #41

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Priest

Pencils: Fernando Pasarin



While attempting a hit on a target in Gotham City, Deathstroke runs across the criminal Lester Buchinsky, also known as the Electrocutioner. Long presumed dead, the two end up tearing downtown Gotham apart with their fight! Elsewhere, Commissioner Gordon is on the hunt for Slade Wilson who escaped from Arkham Asylum, and he’s questioning Slade’s old friend Wintergreen for information on the mercenary for hire!


I haven’t read a book containing the Batman villain Electrocutioner in a long time, so it’s good to see the character return again–being a bus driver nonetheless! Seems that Lester got tired of the villain lifestyle after his apparent “death”, so he just got a normal job! Deathstroke runs across Electrocutioner while pursuing his original target and the battle starts from there! Priest’s dialogue between the two is especially funny as Deathstroke keeps telling Electrocutioner that he’s not there to kill him, and that this is all a big mistake–then finally Deathstroke changes his mind!


I have no complaints about this book as we see the world of Deathstroke from someone else’s point of view– Jim Gordon. As he interviews Wintergreen in his office about the events downtown with the Electrocutioner, you can see a slight philosophy develop between the two men. Both are supporters of two polar opposite men– Batman and Deathstroke. As Gordon and Wintergreen progress further in the book you can see a mutual respect develop between the two men. As the two share one last conversation on the steps of the courthouse, Gordon mentions the name of someone Deathstroke is looking for as well “The Other”. With the very name mentioned Wintergreen walks off into the night leaving Gordon alone.


Overall I thought Deathstroke #41 was a good read. There was plenty of action, and the dialogue between Wintergreen and Gordon was great and enjoyable. Through Gordon and Wintergreen’s conversation you really saw the different philosophies of Deathstroke and Batman. Wintergreen even mentions the fact that Batman is just Deathstroke with a moral code– but Gordon knows just how important that moral code is. The ending of the book leaves you anticipating the next issue as a new player enters looking for Deathstroke–Damian Wayne!


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