Rumor: New Game Information From Warner Bros Games and DC Called “Outlaws” Leaked

by Jeff Testanero
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For some time now, rumors of a new DC game from Rockstead and WB Games have been circulating and this week we might have just received our first major leak on the status of this rumor.  The game now known as “Outlaws” is set to be announced in a full reveal by WB Games on April 26th and while the reveal is just a few, short days away, the artwork that was leaked today gives some hints as to what we can expect.

The leak came from 4chan and ResetEra as the artwork shows what looks to be Gotham City with the Wayne Enterprises building in the dead center of the image so naturally speculation is that the game will be focused around Batman.

Other speculation is that the game will feature Red Hood with the possibilities of the rest of his team, The Outlaws, making their presence felt in the gameplay.  Other fingers point to the Suicide Squad making their in-game debut.  The idea that if this game does feature Red Hood and the Outlaws it seems to have some weight to it considering the title is designed in a red font that closely resembles the cover art used for the comic book series, Red Hood and the Outlaws.

It’s been rumored that ResetEra and 4chan has been working with WB Games with Rockstead as a partner for some time now and with this leak coming from ResetEra and 4chan, the possibilities of this “Outlaws” game being the finished project are very good.

More teasers are said to be comic to the WB’s social media accounts before the game is revealed on Friday so stay glued to DCN for more information as it surfaces.

Full reveal of the newest project from WB Games and DC coming April 26th

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