Review: Dial H for Hero #2

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Joe Quinones

Letters: Dave Sharpe



Miguel and Summer are on the run….from personal issues and from this new-found power, the Dial H for Hero red phone.  Miguel is frustrated at what the phone brings when it rings, or is he just hangry that Summer wants the larger omelette for breakfast and he wants the french toast?  No money for breakfast or fuel doesn’t get you far when you are running away, running out of time, and running from “bad/good” guys?  Not to mention, a new character enters the midst in Barnaby, a drifter who has had a superhero “hit” from the H phone and he wants that high again.  Mr. Thunder, leader of the Thunderbolt Club, is in Barnaby’s head (he’s the metaphorical devil on the shoulder), but the Operator is trying to reach Miguel to warn him (he’s the metaphorical angel on the shoulder).   And while the diner owner is not too happy that no one will answer that ringing phone, Miguel has a solution – tie it up and dump it into the river.  However, Barnaby has tailed the duo and jumps into the river to get a hit on the H phone.  As Barnaby turns into Joby the Zonkey, Mr. Thunder has dispatched another agent, a local police officer, to obtain the phone from Miguel and Summer.  As Joby the Zonkey is wreaking havoc in the city, Miguel has to Dial H to transform himself into Iron DeadHead.  A battle ensues between the two “H heroes” with Miguel’s alter ego prevailing.  In the aftermath, Miguel and Summer decide they must go to Metropolis and get the phone to Superman.  However, where is the phone?  Cue the Beastie Boys soundtrack….”I’m on the run, the cops got my…”  It’s another turn of the dial of the red phone we all know and love!


I love the “tingling 4′ that appears on the forehead of anyone that has an inkling that the phone is around and they have experienced the phone before.  What a great “Spider Sense” indicator for the H phone and what a great new incarnation of its power.  Where do they come up with these hero names?  We get a glimpse of Japanese art with the new Joby the Zonkey and a Transformer touch with Iron Dead Head.  Dial H for Hero touches on all genres.  My only desire is that the phone reach out and take over one of the established Heroes in the DC world.  These new incarnations are fun, but a true What If…..story would bring havoc if the possessor of the phone could be Batman or Wonder Woman for an hour.  Come on Mr. Humphries…..give us that story!


Mayo is still a “thing” in this issue.  What gives with the Mayo?  No negatives in this issue!  This is the second one of a six issue installment, and it delivers!



Again, this subtle reinvention of the red phone with the “Tingling 4” has me all in.  And it’s only the second issue and the kids are going to meet up with Superman.  If Sam Humphries does us all right, Supes may have a tingling 4 on his forehead.  Wait is that a phone ringing…….?


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