Matt Reeves Offers Update on New Batman Script

by Jay
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As fans await what Matt Reeves has in store for the Dark Knight, he reports another delay in production for The Batman.

With only the confirmation of it being at an early stage in Batman’s career – thus simultaneously confirming the exit of previous portrayer Ben Affleck – the only component missing from casting and principal photography has been a definitive screenplay. Unfortunately, while there is hope on the horizon, that has not changed, as Matt Reeves explains: “Here’s a small [Batman] update for you: hearing the script is being polished up and that there’s a possibility of shooting at the top of 2020 instead of fall 2019. Which means it’ll still be a minute before we find out who the next Caped Crusader will be.”

The projected release date of The Batman is tentatively June 25, 2021. Before exiting the project, Affleck had been tapped to direct and write the screenplay. As his roles became smaller, however, he reluctantly chose to leave the role of Bruce Wayne behind after making a huge splash in the DCEU that Zack Snyder had crafted and projected. As stated, his replacement is yet to be determined.

Is a June 25th opening two years from now actually possible? Will the new Batman invoke the detective aspect that Reeves claimed was the primary focus? And will San Diego Comic Con unveil any major announcement on either case? Stay tuned.

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