Grudge Match: Aquaman vs Darth Mickey in December 2022

by Jeff Testanero
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Stop what you’re doing, grab your calendars and place your bets because your December is about to get very busy.  No, not with holiday shopping or plans with family but with your local movie theater.  Move over Black Manta, a grudge match is set as Aquman 2 and Star Wars are about to go head to head in 2022.

Aquaman 2 and the next Star Wars movie are set to both be released on December 16, 2022


Disney, the studio that loves formulas, has set one up for the next few installments of Star Wars and Avatar franchises.  This past Tuesday the studio set up their December release dates for the two franchises through 2027 with Star Wars and Avatar alternating each year.

Standing in their way is the King of Atlantis as Aquaman 2 will now go head to head with Star Wars.  Not within weeks of each other but on the same day.  The date for Aquaman 2 has been known for awhile now so any chance that Disney was not aware of this is slim to none.

The main issue behind this scheduling conflict is both films have the potential of being billion dollar blockbusters so the movies would, in theory, cannibalize each other and the gross revenue could be devastatingly low since the audience would be split on opening night.

Chances that one studio, possibly Warner Bros, moving their release date is a reality.

After all, Lord Mickey yields to nobody even the King of Atlantis.

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