Review: Aquaman #48

by Cameron Tevis
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Review: AQUAMAN #48

Aquaman #48 - DC Comics News


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Pencils & Inker: Viktor Bogdanovic

Colors: Sunny Gho

Letters: Clayton Cowles


Reviewed by: Cameron Tevis



The Old Gods begin the ceremony to help Aquaman discover who he really is. Aquaman drinks an elixir or potion the Old Gods concocted. Once he does, his adventure begins.

He meets Mother Shark, a mystical shark that protects the Sunken Forest. In the Sunken Forest exists beautiful coral that houses the collective memory of the ocean. It is there Aquaman learns he died aand the coral collected his memory.

The shark shares many of Aquaman’s memories with him, including his real name, Arthur Curry. He also learns he was a reluctant but deserving king. Most importantly, Aquaman learns that Mother Shark is the one that brought him to the Old Gods in the first place. She did so because they needed a champion.

The Mother Shark then gives Aquaman a choice. He can go forward with the little knowledge she shared or risk going mad when she shares all of it.

Aquaman makes his decision.

Aquaman 48_1 - DC Comics News


Kelly Sue DeConnick has been writing Aquaman since issue #43. Since that time, I have stopped collecting the title because I think the new direction is a terrible mistake and it has essentially become unbearable. However, this is the first issue that felt anything like Aquaman. It gives a glimmer of hope to the title that I haven’t seen yet from DeConnick.

Of course, it may just feel like Aquaman again due to all the exposition when Mother Shark reveals to Aquaman who he is. It may just be nostalgia and not actually a sign of light at the end of the tunnel. But as of now, at least there is hope.

However, there is no mistake the new artist, Viktor Bogdanovic is a great addition to the creative team. His style reminds me of Greg Capullo with just a hint of Humberto Ramos from his early days at Wildstorm working on the title DV8. His work really adds something positive to the title and makes it worth checking out at the very least.

Aquaman 48_2 - DC Comics News


This issue is decent. It is too early to tell if the arc is going anywhere good or bad, but this issue left me interested in seeing where it goes. Because of that, the only negative is that we are still in the middle of this direction. But that looks like it could change soon.

Aquaman 48_3 - DC Comics News



I have not kept it a secret how bad I think this title has gotten. It took DC Comics literally decades to get Aquaman to a place that mainstream audiences didn’t view him as a joke. Then once they finally did, they turned him into a joke with this new direction.

But, as I’ve stated here already, Aquaman #48 finally gives the reader a glimmer of hope. A possible light at the end of the tunnel. A reason to maybe stick around for a few more issues to perhaps witness a great course correction. I just hope next issue we can have that forward momentum continue.


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