Batman: Last Knight on Earth Trailer Released

by Jeff Testanero
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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are teaming up one last time for Batman: Last Knight on Earth.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth will mark the end of Snyder and Capullo’s teamwork and by the looks of the trailer below, they will go out with a bang.

Readers are in for a long and dark ride through a post apocalyptic world that only Snyder and Capullo can bring to DC: Black Label.  Readers will travel with Batman during his most sadistic mystery ever and are in for a treat as we watch Batman uncover the mysteries that are set before him.  According to the trailer, Batman must face his past in a world that is no more; and carry the Joker’s head in a lantern in the process.  Wonder Woman with a mohawk? A reign of Supermen?   What kind of mysteries from his past will Bruce have to face in order to solve this twisted mystery?  Will Bruce Wayne finally find peace or will The Batman’s darkness win once and for all? Why is Joker’s head in a lantern?

Batman dealing with his past in Batman: Last Knight on Earth
Batman punching the lantern that contains Jokers head


DC readers are in for an amazing ride, after would we expect anything less from from the team that brought us the iconic Dark Nights: Metal?

Batman: Last Knight on Earth from DC: Black Label arrives in stores on May 29th

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