Warner Bros. Confirms Return To Comic-Con 2020 With DC Slate

by Brad Filicky
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Variety writer Matt Donnelly has confirmed in a tweet that DC will bring its movies to Comic-Con 2020. It came to many as a shock that DC said it would not be at Hall H this year, especially considering all the projects it has going on from Joker to Wonder Woman 84. But, don’t despair DC fans. It looks like we will get more DC movies at Hall H next year. in a way this does make sense as DC decides the future of it’s films, maybe they aren’t quite ready to show us anything yet. While Warner Bros. won’t be presenting at Hall H this year, they will still have a presence at Comic-Con 2019. The DC booth, which usually is separate, is joining the Warner Bros. Booth at Comic-Con for one massive presence on the show floor. Check out the tweet below!

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