Deathstroke #44


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Priest

Artist: Fernando Pasarin

Colors: Jeromy Cox

Letters: Willie Schubert


Reviewed By: Steven Brown



Deathstroke #44: “R.I.P PART 1” – Deathstroke is dead! The funeral for the world’s deadliest mercenary sees villains from all over pay their respects. Some villains actually mourn the loss, others just want to confirm his death, and then there are some that come with other motives. With Superman hovering over the skies making sure things remain peaceful, the funeral seems to go undisturbed–until the Legion of Doom shows up!


I didn’t want to believe at the conclusion of our last issue that Slade Wilson was actually dead, however it seems that this is not the case. During a battle against Damian Wayne and the Teen Titans in the last issue, it was Red Arrow that put the villain down, with a arrow directly in his eye!Here at the funeral, hundreds of supervillains have come to pay their respects including Red Lion, Two Face, Killer Frost, Dr. Light, Talia Al-Ghul and more! Each has their own motives and reasons but I surprised at how the villain community treats the loss of their own. I never thought the villains of the DC universe could have their own fraternity amongst them like their heroic counterparts, but Priest does a great job of showing it here. The arrival of the Legion of Doom was a real surprise to me. Deathstroke left the group issues ago, when he decided to go the “hero” route. However the team shows up to confirm that their long time ally is finally gone.


I have no complaints about this issue at all. Priest shows us all the different villains of the DC universe in this issue and how they all deal with the loss of their own is pretty interesting. However Deathstroke’s own children are the ones I’m most surprised about. Joseph, who has the uncanny ability to transfer his mind to any body he sees, uses his powers to control Kid Flash and completely shut down the funeral, that is until Sinestro of the Legion of Doom overpowers him! Depending on an overlooking Superman for a rescue, the boy is shocked to learn that the figure hovering above is nothing but a hard-light construct thanks to Dr. Light. Meant to be a way to keep the other villains in line, the Superman construct disappears and Joseph find himself at the mercy of Sinestro for a moment. Thanks to Brainiac, Joseph is spared as Brainiac sees the boy as having raw potential–being the son of Deathstroke. The Legion of Doom makes an offer to Joseph and says that he will always be welcome.


This was a great read and I definitely can’t wait for the next issue. The end of Slade Wilson had a wider effect of the metahuman community than what I initially expected. Rose Wilson is taking the loss of her father especially rough by beating up every Deathstroke cosplayer she comes across in Gotham City. Feeling disrespected by the people by them wearing his image, she tears into the crowd, beating them all and making them disperse. With Deathstroke’s contracts up in the air, Priest leaves wondering if Rose will take up her father’s path. It seems by the end of the issue she will, as she accepts a contract! Hopefully we’ll see her first assignment in our next issue!



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