Review: Batman #73

by Steven Brown
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Review: BATMAN #73


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mikel Janin

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Clayton Cowles


Reviewed by: Steven Brown



Batman #73: “The Fall and the Fallen”- In the heat of the desert, thousands of miles away from Gotham, Thomas Wayne aka Flashpoint Batman, has finally had plans bare fruit! Carrying an incapacitated Bruce Wayne along with an unknown coffin, Thomas makes a dangerous trek to an unknown location. Just where is he going? And why does it involve Bruce and the coffin?


If you’ve been reading all of my previous reviews with Batman, then you know one of my biggest complaints was the purpose of Thomas Wayne aka the Flashpoint Batman. Created in a universe where Bruce died, and Thomas survives, this darker version of Batman is bent on making Bruce put down the mantle for good. I was shocked when we learned of Flashpoint Batman’s alliance with Bane, and as Batman was being beaten and broken in Wayne Manor, Flashpoint Batman looks on– doing absolutely nothing to save his son. When King starts Batman #73 we find Flashpoint Batman in the desert dragging a coffin, with Bruce knocked out on the back of his horse. Getting attacked in the desert by Ra’s Al Ghul’s personal guard, the Flashpoint Batman’s plan is soon revealed– he plans to use the Lazarus pit to revive Martha–Bruce’s mother! This revelation shocked me to my core, and I was stunned to see the lengths Thomas Wayne has went through to accomplish his goal.


King gives me nothing to complain about in Batman #73. Finally we see the endgame in Thomas Wayne’s plan, and as Bruce Wayne wakes up and learns of his father’s intentions, he actually goes along with the plan! Personally I see this as one of two ways–either Bruce is using this as a moment to get close to Thomas and actually stop him, or he’s actually going along with the plan his father has and wants to resurrect his mother as well. Thomas Wayne has a moment in the desert with Bruce while they’re eating and tells him that he knows about his vow, and that he no longer needs to struggle to fulfill it. I don’t know if Bruce will accept his father’s offer, but as the issue carries on it seems like he’s going to. I’m sure however that this desert journey will have more obstacles in the way however, especially since Ra’s Al Ghul knows of Flashpoint Batman’s plan.


Batman #73 is a great issue and I’m looking forward to reading the next one! For now it seems that Batman and Flashpoint Batman are on the same mission to resurrect Martha! I’m eager to know however the state of Gotham City now that Batman is gone, and if he stays gone just what will happen to it? It seems that Thomas traded the Gotham City for the life of his son Bruce to Bane– but just how will Bruce feel about that?


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