DC’s THE LAST GOD Charts New Territory

by JC Alvarez
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Legendary lore and new lands to conquer lay in wait for fantasy fans when DC broadens its palette this fall with the release of The Last God an all-new tale of epic proportions told in 12-parts!

With the comic book audience becoming more hungry for original content and the playing field opening up especially now that HBO’s Game of Thrones has proven that the fantasy-genre is ripe with a thriving fanbase, DC’s Black Label the “higher-end” imprint of the publishing giant is adding a new 12-part limited series set in a whole new world. The Last God set in a nightmarish world of demons and complex characters warring on a battlefield of myth, magic and mayhem is coming soon!


Fans of the ever popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and the classic Lord of the Rings Trilogy will undoubtedly fall under the spell of DC’s The Last God. The 12-part series is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Last Sons of America, Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal) with art from Riccardo Federici who made a splash on the scene with his beautifully crafted work on Aquaman and Dark Nights: Metal – The Murder MachineI. Colorist Dean White (All-Star Batman) will also be setting the tone of this new venture on DC’s Black Label.

“Set in two different generations, it follows a mighty fellowship of heroes,” revealed Johnson, “that travels beyond the borders of creation to kill a god.” The Last God is a departure from of the traditional super-hero storytelling fans are used to, but is promising to explore an epic-fantasy setting with elements of horror and adventure. Johnson is also promising intrigue and serious character development, as the “next generation of heroes” inside his story arc discover that “their predecessors aren’t the heroes the world believes them to be.”

The fantasy-genre has been garnering some serious mainstream attention certainly from the success of television dramas like HBO’s Game of Thrones and The Last God will delve into the epic storytelling that made George R.R. Martin’s books success a sensation. In the story, a group of adventurers saved the world by challenging a tyrannical demon named Mol Uhltep — The Last God. Thirty years later, the world has enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity, until the children of the those heroes uncover a terrible lie — the Last God is still alive!

A map to the world of THE LAST GOD readers will be introduced to Cain Anuun and all its perilous intrigue.

DC Publisher Dan DiDio is excited to announce the broadening appeal of the Black Label brand and added in a statement: “This series reinforces DC’s commitment to working with the best storytellers, as well as our commitment to finding new and original concepts to publish.”

The Last God hits shelves monthly beginning on October 30 and is intended for mature audiences.

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