Review: Superman: Up In The Sky #1

by Carl Bryan
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Up in the Sky


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom King

Artist:  Andy Kubert

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Colors: Brad Anderson


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



Following a home invasion that ends in murder, Superman is put on the trail of a Metropolis mystery by Batman-but can even the Man of Steel discover the truth behind these tragic deaths, or their ties to the far-off world of Rann? These stories by Tom King with art by Andy Kubert guest-starring Green Lantern and other heroes were originally published in SUPERMAN GIANT #3 and #4.



Tom King’s script is pretty sound.  Superman cannot ignore a plea for help, especially given his background with Bruce Wayne.  So a request of this magnitude and a crime this brutal looms large in Clark’s eyes.  King addresses all angles for Superman.  Asking for help from the Green Lantern Corps whose communication outreach is by far the most extensive.  He asks for time off of Metropolis work to investigate crime in Gotham City….launching Perry White into a tirade.  Clark runs things through with his Dad, and then in a resolving manner provides Lois that he has to do this!


The art work is phenomenal. This is a retrospective memory search like no other.  From Doomsday to Jor-el to elements of Adam Strange.  King’s script is as good as  Scott Snyder’s  current work on The Batman Who Laughs

This is a moral tale of the starfish.  A young boy was throwing starfish back into the ocean and an older man asks him why he was doing that.  “There are so many that it isn’t going to make a difference!” asserted the old man.  “It makes a difference to this one!” the young boy says as he throws another one in the ocean.  Clark has so many things on his plate as Superman that all indicators say to stay and take care of bigger concerns.  Except for Batman and his Dad – it’s amazing the influence these two have on Clark’s life and it shows more an more in King’s script!



We’ve read this story!  If you collected the Walmart Giants, you know where it ends?  Or do we?  Is DC providing us a launching pad for a new Superman Series and wishes to start it for readers who were not fortunate to read the Giant issues.  Time will tell in the coming months.  However, if you are an avid Superman collector – you already know the full run as you purchased Superman Giant #3 and #4!  If you are not, then you are in for a solid story with a moral exploration for Superman!



The artwork alone is worth the price of admission!  The Doomsday shot as well as Superman talking to Wonder Woman while she is defeating a huge creature.  It is like they are enjoying a coffee at a local bistro while she is actually embroiled in full on battle and Superman is passively having a conversation knowing the outcome of Diana’s efforts!  There is a lot of tongue in cheek stuff in this art! I like Tom King’s take on Superman and how this story works!  If you have not read it already, give it a purchase!  You’ll be glad you did!


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