Comic-Con Hall of Fame Inducts The Dark Knight

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The Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame began its run this previous Wednesday night with its inaugural inductee: Batman.

During the induction ceremony, DC Publisher and CCO Jim Lee, accepting on The Caped Crusader’s behalf, had no shortage of praise for the 80-year-old hero before a crowd of 400. “Batman is real in every person who summons the strength and resilience to keep going. That is a superpower. There’s no other way to describe it.”

A Bat-Merry Gathering at Comic-Con

The ceremony highlighted “The Gathering,” an event in Balboa Park that was also a fundraising event for the Museum’s construction. Balboa will also be its official site. Its projected official opening will be in 2021. It is not yet known as to whether it will be part of that year’s Comic-Con event. The event also served as a sneak-preview of “The Batman Experience Powered by AT&T.” The Experience features the largest collection of Batman-related paraphernalia on display throughout SDCC. Fans can marvel at the props, costumes, and even vehicles such as The Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy. That was a sign as bright as The Bat-Signal that the night belonged to Batman.

Highlights of The Batman Experience include: The Dark Knight Dive (a VR skydiving experience); Batcave Gaming Lounge (a collection of Batman video games); and more.

Image Founder and former DC artist Todd McFarlane got in on the fun through a commissioned 6-foot Batman Black and White statue also on display.

The Bat’s Shadow Looms Wide

DC Publisher Dan DiDio, during a panel before a packed room of Batman-affiliated creators, sees comic books as Beta testing.

“It’s where we take chances, “DiDio explained, “where we experiment with new ideas, [and those] in turn inspire other artists, filmmakers, and writers. I love to see storeis  we’ve worked on become the basis for other media.”

“Batman connects with everyone no matter where you may come from in the world,” proclaimed Pam Lifford, president of Warner Bros. Brands and Experiences. “That’s why he resonates across every medium: comic books, cartoons, TV shows, toys, video games, even theme park rides and postage stamps. Batman is everywhere.”

Very true, Pam. As he should be 80 years later.




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