Review: Dial H for Hero #5

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Dial H for Hero #5

Dial H for Hero


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Joe Quinones

Colors: Jordan Gibson and Tom Fowler

Letters: Dave Sharpe


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“I’m sorry I wasn’t there!  I can’t be everywhere!”  Superman to Miguel.  .

The hunt is on! Miguel and Summer must journey into the Heroverse in pursuit of Mr. Thunderbolt, who has stolen the H-Dial and threatens to destroy it all! But if they wish to survive, Miguel and Summer must discover the secrets of the Operator, the origin of Mr. Thunderbolt and the history of the Heroverse! All the answers you’ve been waiting for are right here!  Quick – Hit that “H” button!

Oh… and that cellphone you own if you are in Metropolis…watch out!  It’s on red and it’s ringing!




This issue brings about Sam Humphries vision of a Heroverse and a Multiverse.  The one and the same, yet different.

Writer Sam Humphries takes us back to the beginning of the Heroverse with a confrontation between Mr. Thunderbolt that leads to a chase through a comic world of yesteryear.  Each frame explodes with a pivotal piece of origins from Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash to name a few.  This provides insight to a later conversation between Miguel and Robby Reed (The Operator and simultaneously The Heroverse).  What?

Described as that “inner belief in yourself to be more than who you are” you are connected to the Heroverse.  The Heroverse can generate both a hero and a villain.  Humphries lays out the Heroverse as a connected universe between everyone who wishes to be more than who they are.  Thus we get a very long explanation of what it is, but it doesn’t reveal where the H-Dial comes from.

page 2

“Retro” Positives

Meanwhile, Summer travels from Detroit to Metropolis via the Supermobile!  The Supermobile?  Long time DC readers will remember that the Supermobile was something used in the 1970’s where Superman lost his powers, but the mobile could emulate all of Superman’s powers.  He drove it around and fought such villains as Amazo and Luthor.

It appears that DC is letting their writers dust off some great material in some of their titles, which connects a comic such as Dial H for Hero an “Aha!” for older readers and a “What?” for younger readers.

Meanwhile, Summer’s cellphone lights up red immediately upon landing the Supermobile into the Daily Planet globe.  Atop Metropolis, she hears a solicitation from Mr. Thunderbolt to Dial the letter “H”.  The problem is that all of Metropolis hears this through their phones.

What a setup for the next issue…Metropolis – City of Heroes!  Great foreshadowing from a prior conversation between Superman and Miguel. I won’t spoil it for you!

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With any retrospect issue that delves into the history of an on-again and off-again comic that spans a LOT of characters and homages, you get into some deep issues.  The conversation between Miguel and Robby Reed/The Operator/Heroverse…’s complicated.  And hard to follow if Robby is claiming to be an entire Universe.  Sockamagee!

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This is what readers have been waiting for.  An explanation of the Dial H for Hero Heroverse!  Throw in some nostalgic glimpses of comics from yesteryear and a visit from Superman, Summer’s encounter with Two-Face in Metropolis (That’s right…Metropolis) and some antique comic frames and you have a pretty good read!


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