Preview Of Batman White Knight Presents Von Freeze Released

by Brad Filicky
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Sean Murphy’s Batman White Knight has been a sensation since it was first printed. His take on villains has been nuanced and complex, especially his take on Mr. Freeze. Readers sympathized with the character in a way they hand’t before. Now we will see more of him in the upcoming Batman White Knight Presents Von Freeze.

The original White Knight story stunned readers with the suggestion of Thomas Wayne’s ties to former Nazi scientists, before explaining his commitment to medicine, and not weapons or Nazi ideology. That link between Thomas and the new ‘Baron von Fries’ will now be fully explored in the standalone Von Freeze #1. Written by Murphy, comics legend Klaus Janson (Daredevil, The Dark Knight Returns) will provide the art as readers return to the night Bruce Wayne came into the world–and learn how Victor Fries saved both Martha Wayne and the future Batman.

Check out the newly released preview pic below!

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