Image Comics Review: Postal: Deliverance #3

by Tony Farina
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Postal D 3 Cover


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Creator: Matt Hawkins

Writer: Bryan Hill

Artist: Raffaele Ienco

Letters: Troy Peteri


Reviewer: Tony Farina



Postal: Deliverance starts out in Eden where we learn there will be the first election held in the history of ever. Mark really does not want to be in charge just because his mother was. Mark seems to struggling with being in Eden without Laura. He keeps playing family just because it is not his “daughter’s” fault that she is stuck with him.

In sunny Florida, Laura and Pascal argue over what her role in his life will actually be. She doesn’t want any role in his life. He does. She, of course has been using Pascal as a stand in for Mark. Unfortunately, for Pascal, he is going to find out exactly what it means to have Laura as his mother as tragedy befalls his Mom. Nothing good is going to come of any of that.



The pacing on this Postal: Deliverance has been perfect. Before the reader knows it, s/he is looking at a final panel that is mind blowing and s/he has to go back and start over.  This issue the cuts between mother and son, Florida and Wyoming, is just done at just the right time. Bryan Hill ramps up the tension and then breaks it. Ramps it up and breaks it. This sounds like it could be distracting, but it isn’t.

As is often the case, Rafe Ieneo is on his game. Postal: Deliverance is filled with pain, both physical and emotional. Ienco makes the physical pain look so real that the reader cringes when bullets fly and blood splatters. However, he really shows his skill when the emotional pain is on display. We can see everything that is going through Laura’s mind. The anguish on Pascal’s face is so visceral, I want to give him a hug although I worry he might come after me.



While a lot happens in this issue, one could argue that nothing happens. I happen to like the slow burn feel of Postal: Deliverance, but it could be seen as a drag. Additionally, there is so terrible parenting and treatment of minors in this book. That is not a knock. This book is clearly labeled as a rated M, but just be warned.



Hill and Ienco have created a thriller.  The biggest problem is that each time a new issue comes out, I burn through it too quickly and have to wait a month. The wait is always worth it.


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