First Look: “City of Bane” continues in BATMAN #82

Has Batman failed Gotham City? It’ll all be coming to a head when the Caped Crusader prepares for the epic final confrontation against one of his most dastardly adversaries in this “First Look” of Batman #82!

It’s all been leading up this! Bane’s reign over Gotham may have appeared absolute, but in a “First Look” of Batman #82 written by Tom King with art by Mikel Janín the Dark Knight Detective is preparing for the final face-off! In the best-selling run of the latest arc “City of Bane” has been building to a no-holds-barred climax where these two powerhouses will finally go one-on-one. The sinister Bane has been plotting for months and has taken control of Gotham City…or has he? It’s all part of a plan in motion by the “FlashPoint” alternate-timeline Batman.

Since reentering his son’s life, Thomas Wayne has been convincing Bruce that he’s failed Gotham City and instead manipulated events where Gotham’s rogues’ gallery rose to the top, and with Bane sitting proper they’ve turned the city into a criminally controlled police state. It’s taken the real Batman some time to pull things together, but with the help of some friends, including reconciliation with Selina, the new Dynamic Duo — Batman and Catwoman — are finally making their move!

Thomas Wayne may be pulling all the strings (as illustrated in the cover art by David Finch and Alex Sinclair) but it’s Bane who will be pulling out all the stops to bring down The Bat!

Here’s a “First Look” at Batman #1 featuring story by Tom King and art by Mikel Janín available next month:

Batman #82 “City of Bane” Part 8 is written by Tom King with art by Mikel Janín and Jordie Bellaire with cover art by David Finch and Alex Sinclair and a Variant Cover by Travis Charest. The issue hits stand on November 6 and retail for $3.99.

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