Jesse Eisenberg Talks About His Future As Lex Luthor

by Joseph Marcas
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Jesse Eisenberg discussed on a recent publicity tour that he doesn’t think he will be returning to the DCEU anytime soon. As of now, any plans for Eisenberg to play Luthor are on indefinite hold.

If you stuck around for a post credit scene at the end of Justice League, then you were treated to a scene meant to setup greater things. The scene involves Jesse Eisenberg playing Luthor while he sits in his luxurious yacht as Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke arrives to plot their next move.

Fans were left to wonder what would happen next but since Justice League under performed both critically and financially, plans were put on hold. Originally, Warner Bros had announced that there would be a Justice League part 2 slated for release back on June 14th, 2019.

Obviously the movie didn’t come out and there were no announcements as to what would happen next. However, Eisenberg has been busy promoting his latest project, the upcoming sequel Zombieland: Double Tap, alongside co-star Woody Harrelson and he was asked about his future as Luthor.

Harrelson is scheduled to appear in yet unannounced sequel to Venom as Carnage and so both were asked about their respective villain roles. Harrelson answered with a coyish “Yes” while Eisenberg added a little more by stating, “Different venues” in reference to where you might see the characters. He added, “I will say, quite confidently, different venues. His will be, like, kind of a movie that people go to and mine will be in my living room that people occasionally go to… but mostly one at a time.”

So perhaps if you’re really good friends with Eisenberg, you might get him to reprise his role as Luthor at a dinner party but as for the rest of us, don’t expect to see him on the big screen in that role any time soon.



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