Review: Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #4

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #4

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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Amanda Conner, and  Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Tom Derenick and  Chad Hardin

Letters: Travis Lanham

Colors: Alex Sinclair


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


New alliances are formed if Wonder Woman, Cheetah, Steve Trevor, and Princess Sibela want to get off this Bermuda Island trap.  However, are they really in charge of their own destiny?  And how did they all end up in this adventure together?  Questions are posed, and answers remain futile in this latest edition of Wonder Woman:  Come Back to Me #4.



Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti’s adventure continues in the Bermuda Triangle as Diana starts putting in some detective work as to how Cheetah even got into the mix on this island.  And who is really pulling the strings on this adventure.

The writers do a great job of landing Diana in an environment where the usual laws of time, space, and healing really do not matter.  Again, the Bermuda Triangle has long been a comic book “night mare” for anyone and this trick is literally out of the 1970s.  However, that is where as true readers we should have been looking at this all along.

This was an odd mystery from the beginning and one in which I thought was a true love story about pursuing Steve after his plane crashes.  However, as Diana provides, there is more to this that is meeting the eye.

This issue serves as the revelation issue for the entire mystery.  Or rather, it poses more questions from each character than it really does answers.

The clash between Cheetah and Diana is pretty intense as Cheetah is in submission until this is over.  She recognizes that she has to work with Wonder Woman to get out of this environment.

The story escalates quickly as Wonder Woman and crew are transported to outer space.  The rhythm of the story escalates in that there is something or someone that is manipulating the entire circumstance in the vein of a great video game.  Shades of Stephen King and The Dome as this is a major clue.

The artwork is ever solid and the script is strong.  Here’s hoping the next issue wraps up things nicely to reveal who or what is the ultimate puppeteer in this story.




Again, we’ve read this story!  If you collected the Walmart Giants, you know where it ends.  But I do like that DC is providing these stories for fans who want them exclusively as part of their hero collections without being tied to another series they may not have interest in.

I was comfortable with simply being in the Bermuda Triangle, however, who is pulling the strings needed a different environment to culminate the story.  Kudos to them, but can we ever simply rest from the Bermuda Triangle/Phantom Zone/Name Your Favorite Venue where things never go right!

Thank goodness the lasso is used in this one, but can we please cut down on Wonder Woman having more and more and more powers.  She’s an Amazon and amazing in her own right.  But she has to have a weakness like Superman.  Or does she?  That is up for debate.



Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are painting an interesting  mystery now with this issues contribution to the story line.  If you have been reading all along, it is too late to turn back, and you should be all in!  Here’s hoping we find out in the next issue where all of this is headed and any ramifications in the rest of Wonder Woman’s life.


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