Review: Collapser #5

by Matthew Lloyd
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Review: Collapser #5
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]


Writers: Mikey Way & Shaun Simon

Art: Ilyias Kyriazis

Colors: Cris Peter

Letters: Simon Bowland


Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd



Liam has changed reality! But it catches up to him as his dreams reveal the truth, forcing Liam to deal with his mistakes head on.  Oh, and he loses the black hole…


Behind a cover homage to Superman #1 (June, 1939), Liam James has recreated the world to reflect his image of himself as a hero.  Borrowing a line from Christopher Reeve in Superman: The Movie, Liam sees himself in the mold of the iconic Man of Steel.  This is fun and effective, communicating to the reader exactly how Liam sees himself.  The world he’s created is fun while it lasts, but it doesn’t take long before his dreams begin to reveal the truth of the situation.

Mr. Edgar, also known as “the black hole in his stomach,” continues to be a clever way of directing Liam down the right path.  It’s not an angel or devil on his shoulder, but a kindly old man.  This probably has more to do with Liam’s perception of the real Mr. Edgar.  He didn’t want to disappoint him, and ultimately felt like he failed him back in issue #2.  It makes sense that the black hole would use Mr. Edgar’s image to get through to Liam.

Collapser #5 is paced well and the tension builds throughout the issue.  It’s only after Liam comes to his senses that the book begins to feel a little too familiar.


It may be unavoidable, but parts of Collapser #5 feel a bit cliched.  It’s definitely something you’ve seen before in a characters first outing.  Liam ends up losing the black hole to Vanessa, his erstwhile manager/promoter and realizes how badly he’s screwed things up.  His friend, who he’s just saved, give him the old, “you can’t think saving us absolves that easily” line.    It’s been this way with almost every issue of Collapser.


For a new series or character, it’s the character that is most important.  Collapser gets a lot of this right.  Liam is not completely unique, but he has a mostly enjoyable journey for the most part, despite the familiar cliches.  There’s probably more potential for the character and his powers beyond the resolution of this introductory story line next month.  Collapser is at its best when the unexpected and different are utilized.  Way and Simon need get away from the elements with which the reader is familiar.  The world around Liam is calling to be explored, Baron Throe and Mr. Edgar (the black hole) are first and foremost.  As long as Liam is stuck on Earth, he will most likely be stuck in the cliches, perhaps next issue will release him…

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