Incoming Batman Writer Reveals Who Will Take Over Alfred’s Role

by Eric Joseph
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Following the shocking death of Alfred Pennyworth in the pages of Batman just months ago, fans have speculated how this shift in status quo will affect the Dark Knight’s future. Granted, we’re only just now seeing the emotional fallout of this unfolding in the final issues of Tom King’s run, but much, much more will follow very soon.

While spilling the beans in his newsletter, incoming writer James Tynion IV revealed just who will be filling the void Alfred left as the Caped Crusader’s right hand man, saying:

“Lucius has also started to operate as Batman’s operations person, filling the role that was one served by Alfred. This has put considerable stress on the old man, who is not used to operating on three hours sleep a night. But he believes in the mission of Batman, and the new city that’s growing beneath their feet.”

Though Lucius Fox does sound like a fitting replacement, I’m guessing he may not stick around for long. I’ll elaborate after you digest what Tynion added to the conversation:

“His son, Luke Fox, is worried about his dad’s new night job, and the ways in which it’s keeping him from his family and affecting his health. He knows what working close to Batman can do to a person, and he sees the death of Alfred as a clear warning of what might be in store for his father. Luke wants him to retire, but Lucius will only consider it if his son takes on his mantle. There needs to be a Batman and Batman needs help.”

Call me crazy, but I think Luke will eventually step in, thus paving the way for him to succeed Bruce Wayne as Batman. Rumors have been swirling for months that Luke will take up the mantle later in 2020, and it appears as though the puzzle pieces are already falling into place. I don’t know about you, but I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Tynion’s run on Batman kicks off with issue #86, which arrives in comic shops on January 8th.

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