Arrowverse Heroes Unite In New Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer

by Eric Joseph
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After waiting impatiently for about a year after its initial announcement, it’s almost surreal knowing the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover will kickoff in less than one week – but here we are. And as such, The CW have released the meatiest, most substantial trailer thus far.

As you check out the video embedded below, you’ll be provided more insight into the most ambitious of all Arrowverse prime time mashups as the Monitor rounds up the greatest heroes from around the multiverse. Most of of them headline the shows we watch on a regular basis, so it’s not like you’ll really be unfamiliar with any of them. But in an exciting turn of events, the Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Flash, Batwoman, Superman and White Canary are joined by Smallville‘s iteration of Clark Kent and a Kingdom Come-inspired take on Bruce Wayne.


Based on the footage provided, everyone will be rounded up and taken to Earth-38, which happens to be Supergirl’s home. Unfortunately, that world looks to be wiped out at some point, further solidifying the belief that the multiverse will be streamlined into one coherent universe when all is said and done, much like what happened upon the conclusion of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s comic book masterwork back in the 1980’s. But hey, at least we get to see Black Lightning finally shaking hands with the Flash!

In case you were unaware, the action gets started this coming Sunday night, December 8th, on Supergirl. Then, it spills over onto Batwoman on Monday, December 9th. After that, expect for The Flash to make your head spin with a winter cliffhanger on Tuesday, December 10th.

As you may have figured, that leaves two chapters hanging, and those will arrive next month on Tuesday, January 14th. That’s right, both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow‘s contributions to the crossover will drop on the same night, so be sure to mark your calendar accordingly.

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