The new trailer for next month’s Birds of Prey film lands today!

Check it out here:

As February 7 quickly approaches, this newest trailer show a little bit more of the plot and reveals a bit more about the characters. There’s no doubt this is going to be a Harley Quinn vehicle for better or for worse. If you like Harley it’s probably for the better, if you’re a Birds of Prey fan lamenting the exclusion of Barbara Gordon then you’ll have to view the trailer carefully for signs of hope.

Overall, the trailer showcases a lot of action with very little substance.  It does suggest a basic plot, but it doesn’t do much for the characters besides Harley Quinn.  For a true blue Birds fan the trailer does put Black Canary and the Huntress in an odd position.  The trailer indicates Black Canary has betrayed Black Mask.  Why would she be working with a villain?  The images of Black Canary we’ve seen so far have shown her with a baseball bat.  This has been concerning- when has Dinah, one of the world’s finest martial artists ever resorted to using a baseball bat?  Dinah gets an awesome looking back kick in the trailer that shows her martial arts background will probably be addressed.

We also learn that Huntress has killed Black Mask’s BFF.  That definitely fits with Helena’s early MO.  Harley makes a comment that seems to show Helena is out for revenge.  It seems it will be difficult for this movie to do a good job with so many new characters that are not connected and they will not receive proper character development.

There’s no excuse for what’s been done to Cassandra Cain, however.  As unrecognizable as Black Canary is, Cassandra seems to be an even farther cry from her comic book source.  Oh, well-

The name of Harley’s hyena is funny, though.

Birds of Prey hits theaters February 7, 2020…for better or for worse…

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