First Look | JUSTICE LEAGUE #40

The World’s Greatest Heroes are in for some changes! Emerging from the “Year of the Villain” they will find themselves facing a reign of supermen, entering into a new era with the Justice League.

They’ve hardly had enough time to catch their breaths and tend to their wounds after facing off against the Legion of Doom in a bid to save the multiverse from itself, but if this “First Look” of Justice League #40 is any indication, the World’s Greatest Heroes are gearing for the battle of their lives! An adversary from a distinct star, Superman’s nemesis — The Eradicator — is reigning in a squad of genetically engineered super-soldiers to bring the Earth to its knees!

Dealing with the new menace will create some tension among the members of the DC universe’s first line of defense. Batman will be forced to make some decisions that go against the grain, and his fellow leaguers may not inline with the Dark Knight’s strategy. “Justice League is DC’s premier team book,” says the book’s writer Rob Venditti. “We’ll be focusing on exactly that. Everyone isn’t always on the same page with the same ideas about what’s best for the group.”

Here’s a “First Look” at one of the upcoming relaunch of Justice League #40:

Justice League #40 is written by Robert Venditti with art by Doug Mahnke and Richard Friend with colors by David Barron. A variant card stock cover will be in the offering by the legendary Arthur Adams. The issue hits newsstand on Feb 5, 2020.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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