First Look | WONDER WOMAN #750

It’s a celebration! The Amazing Amazon is entering a milestone and in the upcoming oversized WONDER WOMAN #750, there are revelations of her enduring legacy that will have a serious impact across the DC universe!

There is no DC comics character that has had a greater pop-culture influence over the last decade than Wonder Woman. Perhaps it was due to the success of the blockbuster motion picture which elevated Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins to the near-legendary status of the film’s “real” star — the Amazing Amazon, herself. Now as she prepares for the landmark release of Wonder Woman #750 the book will not only return to its legacy publishing numeration, it will also redefine the heroine’s legacy like never before!

The oversized 96-page giant is bringing together some of the greatest talents at DC, many of which have been associated with telling stories about Diana, the Princess of Paradise that is also a significant part of the great DC Comics trinity of heroes, alongside Superman and Batman, that provide the cornerstone for all the legends that have come after. Diana’s past and present will be closely examined in the special issue, along with “major implications” for the future of not only Wonder Woman but every superhero.

If you’ve been wondering, one of the major revelations of 2019 is that Wonder Woman’s legacy actually precedes all the other superheroes in the DC universe! This is a narrative that has been adopted and suggested, and will be even further explored, in the upcoming big-budget theatrical release of Wonder Woman 1984 coming to a multiplex soon!

Here is your “First Look” at the eight-page story “A Brave New World” by Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch appearing in Wonder Woman #750:

Wonder Woman #750 hits newsstands on Wed, Jan 22 and will feature mega-talents from across Diana’s publishing history including Gail Simone, Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott, and Greg Rucka; all have had an incredible impact working on Wonder Woman over the years. The issue will also feature spectacular pin-up artwork from some of DC’s greatest artists.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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