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Now that the world knows the Man of Steel’s greatest secret, all of his deadliest enemies are lining up to take him and his loved ones out! The best talent in the business unites to bring this special ONE-SHOT to the fans as the villains’ plot Superman’s demise.

If you thought there might be some serious repercussions to the Man of Steel’s revelation that he has this entire time been living among us, hidden in plain sight, as none other than the mild-mannered, award-winning Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent — then you were right! In the aftermath of the epic reveal Superman: Villains #1 is the ONE-SHOT expecting to answer all those heart-stopping questions, especially: How is Lex Luthor taking the news…and what are his next steps?

The over-sized special issue is also bringing together remarkable talent including Brian Michael Bendis who penned the now-classic issue when Superman announces to the world his secret identity. Joining Bendis on this project are Matt Fraction, Greg Rucko, and more. With everyone wanting a piece of Superman, how safe are any of his loved ones? What is Mongul’s latest scheme?  Does the Toyman have a new trick up his sleeve? But seriously…how is Lex doing?

Here is your “First Look” at Superman: Villains #1 from the team of Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber and Nathan Fairbairn:

First Look: Superman: Villains #1
First Look: Superman: Villains #1
First Look: Superman: Villains #1

Superman: Villains #1 is written by Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Greg Rucka, and Jody Houser, with Steve Lieber, Mike Perkins, Bryan Hitch, and Eduardo Pansica. Cover by Bryan Hitch. The special ONE-SHOT hits newsstands on Feb 26 and will retail for $5.99.

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