Boom! Studios Review: Go Go Power Rangers #27

by Sean Blumenshine
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Boom Studios Review: Go Go Power Rangers #27


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Ryan Parrott & Sina Grace

Artist: Francesco Mortarino

Colorist: Raul Angelo

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire


Reviewed by: Sean Blumenshine



NECESSARY EVIL CONTINUES! Trini and Zack meet the one person who can make them OMEGA RANGERS, but are warned about the consequences of joining Jason. At the Tower of Light, Tommy faces off against Lord Zedd, but without his powers will he be strong enough to stop him?



Eleonora Carlini’s cover is amazing. The zords don’t get used enough for the covers. I love the colors and the general style. Carlini gives the zord and the monsters a good amount of weight. I like the seismic effect of the two clashing.

The interior art is great. I always appreciate that the Rangers are drawn like teenagers. I love the style of the book; it’s colorful and engaging.


This issue struggles with the separation of the team. I’m honestly not sure why Jason has to do this on his own. Zack and Trini volunteer and that seems to be fine. So why can’t they tell the others? Obviously, I understand from a writing perspective. The lie will create drama for future stories and it allows a reference to the peace conference. But I’m not totally sold on the motivations here.

This issue feels weird. I’m not entirely sure what it is. Part of my struggle with it is Tommy. This is the issue in which he becomes the White Ranger. And while it certainly was neat to see it from Tommy’s perspective, it isn’t that interesting. This book has become a companion piece rather than a vehicle for interesting stories. Because of the main book, I know Tommy becomes the White Ranger and the three Omega Rangers leave. This book feels like it’s just filling in gaps. If they hadn’t done the time jump in the main book and this story got to exist on its own, it might play a little better. But it only exists to give context for that book and I’m quickly losing interest.


I didn’t love this issue. It’s not bad by any means. The art is great, the dialogue is solid and there’s some cool action. I enjoyed seeing Tommy earn the White Ranger powers. But I need this book to have a better reason to exist. When it first launched, it was really fun but Shattered Grid and Necessary Evil have hurt this series. The hyper focus on directly connecting the two Power Rangers books is a mistake and is hurting more than helping.


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