Image Comics Review: Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6

Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6

Review: Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6

Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Derek Hunter and Jason Young

Artist: Derek Hunter

Colors: Spencer Holt

Tony Farina




Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6 finds a family reunion breaking out at birthday party. All Gamma Rae wants is to have a boy like her and to be a hero. Of course, her villainous family shows up and ruins the party, quite literally. The dead rise. Blood is spilled. Eyes are gouged out. So, it is a pretty normal day for Rae.

Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6


Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6 features an amazing soliloquy from our hero that pretty much sums up what is so damn amazing about this issue and the series writ large. Gamma Rae says,

“I’ve been getting it from you my whole life…’why can’t you just fit in? Try being more like the family.’ Well, why do I have to be like everyone else?! Why have I never been good enough for any of you?!”

It is that moment, that little scene in two panels with NO swearing that sums up why Pretty Violent with lots of Swears is amazing. Hunter and Young have shown us, in a deeply satirical and hysterical way, why being in a family can be so hard. This is such a nice, touching moment in the middle of a familial bloodbath. Bravo sirs.

Speaking of bloodbaths, once again, colorist Spencer Holt has his hands full. In addition to pinks and purples he has to slather the family in blood. There is blood everywhere. Is sometimes feels like I get it on me in some panels. Just take a look.

Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6


I can’t find anything wrong with this issue. Honestly, for a comic that ends with dead animals having sex with each other, this is a strangely touching issue. OK, so there are dead animals having sex in this issue. That may be a problem for some readers, but would they pick up a book with this title anyway?


Pretty Violent with lots of Swears #6 ends the first arc of this new series. If there were no more issues, this would be a perfect ending. Luckily, there will be more to come. I give this first run a standing ovation for being daring, honest and funny. It is books like this that remind us all why we need indie comics to survive for years to come.

Tony Farina

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